Service providers

Service providers

Service providers are professionally trained individuals, practices or institutions that render services that are complimentary, vitally important and/or required by me to render a first class otology and neur-otology service.

Service provider
A service provider performing a vestibular test

They either help to investigate, treat, assist or council patients managed by me. I honestly believe that a holistic treatment philosophy is paramount in rendering a world class service. Managing the complete patient as a whole, physically, mentally and emotionally is the only key to success. This is accomplished by a combination of special investigations, medical treatment, surgery, counselling, assistive devices and rehabilitation.

All the service providers I promote in my practice are recognized and registered entities at the South African Health Professions Council (HPCSA) with whom I currently work with. They know what I expect from them and I know the quality of their work and trust their professional knowledge and input. By no means are they the only ones in South Africa that can contribute and render these specific services. They are mainly based in the big centers of Gauteng and the Western Cape.

Some of the services are:

  1. Hearing tests
  2. Hearing aids
  3. Implantable hearing aids
  4. Cochlear implant evaluations and mapping
  5. Vestibular and balance assessments
  6. Vestibular rehabilitation
  7. Tinnitus evaluation and management
  8. Electrophysiological testing
  9. Intraoperative facial and hearing function monitoring
  10. Radiology services including cone beam computerized tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  11. Psychological evaluations and support
  12. Visual vertigo assessments
  13. Prosthetic ears
  14. Dieticians
  15. Mime therapy
  16. Genetic counselling
  17. Other medical specialties

It is strongly advised to enquire about a specific service provider before consulting with me as I may not be satisfied with the result and may opt to repeat it. Feel free to contact any of my practices to enquire about service providers close to you. If you stay in a remote area my personnel will gladly enquire about a service provider closer to you.