Neurotology or neuro-otology refers to the management of disorders of the inner ear, nerves and brain related structures. A neurotologist is a medical doctor who has specialized in otorhinolaryngology (ENT) and then study further to super specializes and exclusively work in the field of neurotology.

Dr William F House, the father of neurotology

Dr William F House, the father of neurotology.

A neurotologist is not a neurologist. A neurotologist does not perform the work that a neurologist does. It is required from a neurotologist to know the applicable neurological conditions and be able to perform the surgery. A neurotologist is not a neurosurgeon either. In the USA it requires a further two years specialization and the requirement to pass a board certified examination. In South Africa it is has not been possible to superspecialize in neurotology in the past. In fact this is  not even possible to do in the majority of european countries either.

I have had the privilege to work exclusively in the field of neurotology for 15 years. I have worked under neurotologists and have acquired all the skills and surgical expertise expected from a trained neurotologist. I have performed many vestibular examinations and personally performed videonystagmography (VNG) testing on numerous patients.

Neurotologists provide medical and surgical treatment to adult and paediatric patients. It can be seen as the area where neurology (study of the brain) and otology (study of the inner and middle ear) overlap. Neurotological surgery is complex and not usually performed by a general otorhinolaryngologist (ENT). It includes the following:

Conditions managed by a neurotologist include: