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Cochlear implants can cause vertigo

Cochlear implants can cause vertigo. Cochlear implants can cause vertigo. Vertigo and imbalance occur in 25-74% of patients after cochlear implantation. According to Kubo et al (2001) about 50% of patients developed dizziness. It was further demonstrated by Hensel et al in 2018 that a linear increase in post cochlear implanted vertigo occurred with age. [...]

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Surgical navigation for vestibular schwannoma surgery

What is surgical navigation? Surgical navigation for vestibular schwannoma surgery is the principle of using a computerised based system during surgery to tract the location of instruments. If can be seen as a real time “GPS” system for surgeons, operating on vestibular schwannomas.. It enables the surgeon to acurately plot the location of an instrument [...]

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Ski sickness

What is ski sickness? Ski sickness, or Häusler’s disease, is a distressing potentially harmful disorder that occurs amongst skiers. It is more common than is appreciated. It occurs in up to 10% of skiers. Ski sickness is a form of motion sickness and was first described by my friend of many years, Prof Rudolf Häusler, [...]

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New 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine at Muelmed Mediclinic

The new 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine, recently installed at Muelmed Mediclinic, Pretoria, contributes in establishing a world class imaging facility for ear conditions (otology) and neurotology. It is my opinion the Muelmed Mediclinic’s radiology group, De Beer De Jager Radiologists, has established themselves as one of the leading otology (ear) and neurotology [...]

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World congress of Audiology 2018 Workshop

For the first time in history, during November 2018, the World Congress of Audiology was successfully hosted in Cape Town, South Africa. It was a great privilege to be part of this event, especially with hosting a pre-congress workshop. “Getting your head around vestibular assessments” is an appropriate name for a very informative workshop in [...]

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Getting your head around vestibular assessments

Getting your head around vestibular assessments is a 2018 WCA (World Congress of Audiology) Pre-Congress Workshop that is scheduled to take place on Saturday 27 October 2018. It will be hosted at the new Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital which is walking distance fromthe Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). Getting your head around [...]

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A Practical Clinical Approach to Balance Disorders

A Practical Clinical Approach to Balance Disorders is a Workshop that will take place as part of the 54th South African Annual ENT Congress. It is scheduled for Sunday 28 October 2018 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC). A Practical Clinical Approach to Balance Disorders The workshop is intended for ear nose and [...]

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Can a virus cause a vestibular schwannoma

Can a virus cause a vestibular schwannoma. A sporadic vestibular schwannoma is a schwannoma that does not occur as part of a syndrome such as neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2). Before answering the question, one needs to acknowledge the fact that viruses are responsible for certain cancers. Worldwide it is estimated that between 10-15 % of cancers [...]

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Vertigo in childhood

Vertigo in childhood (vertige de l’enfance) is a distressing condition. Often more so for the parents than for the child. Contributing to this is the inability in most cases of young children to express themselves, leaving the parents worried and often fearing the worst. Vertigo in childhood It is estimated that the prevalence [...]

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The inner ear disorder that restores hearing

The inner ear disorder that restores hearing (“Le vertige qui fait entendre”) is rare. A vertigo attack leads to an improvement in hearing. It was first described in 1919 by the French otolaryngologist , Marcel Lermoyez. Marcel Lermoyez      (Source: Wikipedia) Lermoyez syndrome(LS), as it is also referred to, is considered to be [...]

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