Before the vestibular examination

Before the vestibular examination

Who should follow these instructions?

Patients with vertigo, dizziness or balance problems
Patients who are scheduled for a vestibular assessment.
Patients referred to Dr Hofmeyr by another doctor for a vestibular test.
It is further advised that any patient who has an appointment with Dr Hofmeyr, regardless of the reason, who also suffers from vertigo, dizziness and balance problems, should follow these instructions.

General information

The goal of this assessment is to assist in determining the cause of your dizziness or imbalance.
The evaluation may consist of several tests, and the test duration may be anything from 30 min to 2 hours.
Although the tests are painless, the evaluation may sometimes make you feel nauseous and dizzy.
No unnecessary tests will be performed. 
Please read and follow these simple instructions before your appointment to minimise inaccurate test results:

Avoid the following 24 hours before the appointment

  • Alcohol
  • Betahistine (Serc/Vertin/Hidrist)
  • Benzodiasepines
  • Sleeping tablets
  • Cinnarizine (Stugeron) and any other drugs for motion sickness
  • Cyclizine (Valoid)
  • Prochlooperazine (Stemetil)
  • Any new medication
  • Cannabis or any other illicit drugs

If unsure about which medication to take, contact Dr Hofmeyr

On the day of the appointment

Do not consume caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate, cold drinks).
· Drink enough water
· Do not use make-up (mascara) or oils on the skin.
· Dress comfortably and wear flat shoes.
· Avoid rigorous exercising.
· Do not smoke two (2) hours before the evaluation.
· Eat a light breakfast/lunch/snack at least two (2) hours before evaluation.
· Avoid any fatty or oily food
· Remove contact lenses before the test

Other information

· Please ensure you have completed the two (2) dizziness questionnaires. The purpose of the questionnaires is to aid Dr Hofmeyr in the assessment.
· Please do not drive directly after or preferably for the rest of the day, after the evaluation.
· In extreme cases, you may not feel well after the examination.
· If you are not feeling well, you may have to lie down for a few minutes before leaving.
· In severe cases, Dr Hofmeyr may administer or prescribe medication after the evaluation should you not feel well.

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