The ADHEAR adhesive bone vibrating hearing device

The ADHEAR adhesive bone vibrating hearing device is internationally used as a treatment modality for some types of hearing loss.

The ADHEAR adhesive bone vibrating hearing device
The ADHEAR hearing device

The ADHEAR System from MEDEL is a revolutionary adhesive, non-surgical bone conduction hearing system that vibrates the skull, therefore bypassing the middle ear pathology and conductive hearing loss. This provides sound amplification to the cochlea through direct bone conduction.

The problem with all the conventional implantable bone conduction systems on the market is that it cannot be used in younger children. The reason for this is that the bone of the skull is too thin in young children. The alternative option is for the younger child to wear the bone conduction hearing system on a soft band or strap around the head. This is sometimes unpractical and uncomfortable.

But not anymore. The ADHEAR adhesive bone vibrating hearing device avoids surgery and the necessity of wearing a soft band.

This system consists of two parts. The ADHEAR audio processor that is worn inconspicuously behind the ear and the ADHEAR adhesive adapter. The ADHEAR adhesive adaptor allows for adhesion of the ADHEAR audio processor to the skin without any pressure on the skin, making it an ideal hearing solution for children. The result is high wearing comfort with superior sound quality and is currently one of the most advanced technological medical devices on the market.

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ADHEAR, easy to use hearing device

The ADHEAR audio processor is an intelligent hearing system that automatically adapts to the user’s environment. Therefore, able to detect and discriminate noise from useful speech input in a noisy environment. It will adjust its sound processing and microphone configuration to allow maximum speech understanding in a noisy environment. This function will be especially helpful in the classroom or work environment, social situations and will benefit the patient in general awareness of sounds in everyday life.

The ADHEAR adhesive bone vibrating hearing device can be trialled at selected audiologists.