Ear molding, an early, effective, non-invasive treatment for newborns with ear deformities

Every pregnant women should know about ear molding. For a mother to inspect her new born baby from head to toe, counting ten fingers and toes is a natural act. Scrutinizing the ears is no exception. Unfortunately, subtle ear abnormalities may often be overlooked.

Ear molding
Ear rim abnormality at birth

Ear deformities are characterized by a misshaped, but fully developed pinna. These are the abnormalities that may be subtle and easily overlooked. It is a mistake to believe that your babies ear deformities are only temporary and that it will always self-correct. Self correction will occur in less than 33% of cases. It has furthermore been shown that nearly 100% of all older children or adults going for otoplasty (corrective plastic ear surgery) had ear deformities already noticeable at birth.

It is well known that children with ear deformities are often teased and stigmatized, which may lead to psychological problems. This may be avoided, if acted on early in life.

A new born babies ear is malleable due to the softening effect of the mother’s estrogen on the hyaluronic acid of the cartilage. This fact forms the bases for ear molding treatment.

Ear molding is a process which makes use of the EarWell external ear conformer, allowing pain-free reshaping of your baby’s ears.

Ear molding
Ear rim after ear molding

In most cases the retention tapes, when applied will have to be used for up to 3 months in order to prevent relapse.

There are 7 patterns of deformities that may benefit from this treatment. It is critical that ear molding is started early. Should a deformed ear not self-correct within the first few days after birth, ear molding must commence within the first 3 weeks. If the process is delayed the outcome may not be great.

The major advantage of ear molding is that it prevents surgery. This non-invasive option of ear molding is available in South Africa. If you, your paediatrician, gynaecologist or general practitioner is concerned about a dysmorphic ear it is advisable to get a timeous opinion. Getting an opinion is a small price to pay versus self-blame later in a child’s life.

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