Loud noise makes me dizzy

Loud noise makes me dizzy. This is not such an unheard complaint in a neur-otological medical practice. Some patients would complain that constant loud vibrating noise is really bothersome whilst some may experience dizziness and vertigo when exposed to sudden loud noise.

Reconstruction of the skull base shows a superior canal dehiscence (SCD). (blue arrow)

One of my patients could not go to church anymore as the loud organ music induced dizziness causing her to fall over. She denied that this had anything to do with the wine consumed during communion!

Many patients who previously complained that loud noise made them dizzy were labeled as being crazy. Some were put on psychiatric medication. Others just lived with it.

All of this changed when a man by the name of Lloyd Minor described a syndrome in 1998.  The superior canal dehiscence (SCD) syndrome constituted a symptom complex due to the fact that the superior semicircular canal of the inner ear balance organ was actually dehiscent, or open towards the brain. Where the normal inner ear has two natural openings or windows namely the round and oval window this “3 ed window” caused by the SCD may create a lot of problems for a patient.

Loud noise makes me dizzy
Dehiscent (open) superior semicircular canal. (yellow arrow)

Other symptoms of SCD include general imbalance, hearing loss, tinnitus and sensitivity to bodily sounds conducted by bone. These sounds include hearing of your own voice, heartbeat and breathing in your ear, hearing your own footsteps in your ear and even your eye balls moving about in your sockets. No wonder then that patients were previously labeled as being crazy. If you want to cry out:” loud noise makes me dizzy”, remember that SCD is easy to diagnose and can be managed effectively.

So unless the voice in your ear is telling you that the aliens are requiring your presence on the mothership it may be worthwhile to visit your ENT surgeon.

If loud noise makes you dizzy you may suffer from superior canal dehiscence. (SCD)