New book on vertigo now available

A new book on vertigo with contribution by Dr Hofmeyr recently saw the light. The second edition of ‘Vertigo and Disequilibrium: A Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Management’, edited by Peter C. Weber is now available.

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New book on vertigo
Vertigo and Disequilibrium

Dr Hofmeyr contributed to this book by writing two chapters. In one of the chapters the topics of Autoimmune Vestibular Dysfunction, Perilymph Fistulas, Mal de Debarquement Syndrome, and Alcohol-Related Dizziness were revised and updated. In the other chapter the topics of Allergy and Autonomic Dizziness were addressed for the first time. In the current internet era with the accessibility to so much information it is still nice to be able to produce books that contain demarcated information on topics, staying concise and relevant.

This new book on vertigo is of value to those learners that need to acquire the basic knowledge on the topic of vertigo and disequilibrium. It is a practical book and will help the health care practitioner to an approach and management of unfortunate patients with vertigo and disequilibrium. Many audiologists will find this book helpful as a quick desk reference to patients with hearing loss as many of these conditions overlap and also affects the inner ear vestibular organ.

The way in which the first edition was written and accepted paved the way and created the demand for a second, updated edition. A lot of credit has to go to Prof Peter C. Weber in the manner in which he approached this new book on vertigo  on a very wide and difficult topic. Another feature is the addition of video material on some of the topics.

In a review of the book by it was stated: ‘Vertigo and Disequilibrium: A Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Management is an excellent, succinct overview and reference book covering the entire spectrum of vertigo and disequilibrium disorders…with a multiauthored format including some of the leaders in the field…Generously illustrated.

The book can be ordered online.