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Hyperacusis is the intolerance to normal ordinary environmental sound. The specific sound usually does not provoke any discomfort in the majority of people. It may present with emotional, social and physical problems. Patients can become very anxious, depressed, isolated, and develop avoidance behavior to certain conditions. Patients also experience physical pain and discomfort in [...]

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Loud noise makes me dizzy

Loud noise makes me dizzy. This is not such an unheard complaint in a neur-otological medical practice. Some patients would complain that constant loud vibrating noise is really bothersome whilst some may experience dizziness and vertigo when exposed to sudden loud noise. Reconstruction of the skull base shows a superior canal dehiscence (SCD). [...]

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Primary inner ear schwannoma

A primary inner ear schwannoma (PIES) is a tumour that originates in the inner ear. The importance is that this tumour has up till now been underdiagnosed, even missed in some cases, in South Africa. Although it is considered benign it causes a lot of problems. A magnetic resonance image (MRI) of a cochlear schwannoma [...]

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A tribute to John Callaghan

John William Callaghan was born on 12 August 1926. With ancestral roots from Cork, John or Oom John as we know him, demonstrated some of his Irish perseverance to become one of the leading ENT surgeons in South African history. Dr John William Callaghan Amazing that at the tender age of 90 years [...]

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First Computerized Rotation Chair in South Africa

On 19 August 2016 a computerized rotation chair was used for the first time in South Africa. The System 2000™ Reclining Chair from Micromedical Technologies is a standard vertical axis rotational vestibular chair that can recline to perform videonystagmography (VNG) testing. Dr Hofmeyr, Dr Haehn and Dr Heinze with the first computerized rotation chair [...]

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Recreational noise induced hearing loss

Recreational noise induced hearing loss is hearing loss that is caused by loud sound. Recreational refers to the conditions and circumstances under which it occurs. When it occurs in the workplace it is referred to as occupational hearing loss. Recreational means that it is done out of choice, usually during leisure time. Shooting and [...]

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How do I manage my dizziness?

Dizziness, vertigo, imbalance, disequilibrium and poor balance are all symptoms commonly experienced, especially in the elderly. Not only do these symptoms impair quality of life but it also poses a risk for injury. It may be caused by many different medical conditions. Some conditions may arise from the inner ear, some due to the medication [...]

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Can my baby hear?

Can my baby hear? A legitimate question for every parent to ask. Fact of the matter is that permanent hearing loss is one of the most common abnormalities at birth. According to American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on Newborn and Infant Hearing 1 to 3 per 1000 well babies have significant bilateral hearing loss. [...]

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