Closure of my Pretoria Practice

A Prosperous 2022 to all of you! May you all experience health, wealth and happiness in the New Year that awaits.

Over the years, every patient has grown close to my heart. I was blessed to be able to manage both my practices in Pretoria and Cape Town. However, after the passing of my son Johan in June 2021, the time has come for me to dedicate all my attention to my family and practice in Cape Town.

I would still like to manage all my Pretoria practice patients; therefore, I would like to suggest the following options:

  • New patients referred by an ENT specialist can be consulted online. I would need a referral letter before the appointment. However, patients would need to be seen in person before any surgery, even one day before might in some cases be sufficient.
  • All current/follow up patients from the Pretoria practice are encouraged, if possible, to see me in my Cape Town practice in future. In cases of non-surgical treatment, it would be possible to arrange continuous care and treatment in conjunction with your general practitioner (GP) or local ear-nose-and-throat (ENT) surgeon. If necessary, follow-up can still be arranged with me in person on an annual or two yearly intervals, which should be adequate.
  • Any current patient that cannot follow up in Cape Town can be managed in two ways:
    • Consultation through the internet or telephone
    • Referral to a local/closer specialist, which I will help facilitate
  • Follow-up vestibular schwannoma/acoustic neuroma patients can be seen by myself via the internet, or Dr T Bingle (neurosurgeon) personally in Pretoria.
  • With some exceptions, all surgery would in future take place in Cape Town. A restriction regarding flying for a certain period may be applicable in some cases, but this would be discussed beforehand to plan travel arrangements.
  • Follow up after performed surgery in Cape Town, can be arranged in Pretoria or your hometown utilising your GP, referring ENT or Dr T Bingle (neurosurgeon).
  • If you prefer to continue treatment with another specialist, I would gladly supply all relevant documentation on record to your new specialist to ensure that no lapse in treatment occurs.

Options for Internet consultations include:

  • Telephonic consultations from my rooms in Cape Town  (021 418 3219)
  • Watsapp call or video call to 082 339 4926
  • Zoom to
  • Teams, Skype or any other application (arrange with Yolanda 021 418 3219)

Godspeed to you all!