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Yearly Archives: 2019


Hearing your eyeballs move? New technology improves diagnosis of superior semicircular canal dehiscence (SSCD).

Invitation to participate in research study. Jim* (48) from Johannesburg shares the following story: For a long time I felt dizzy on a regular basis, and experienced other symptoms that I didn’t even think were related. Family members and doctors were equally puzzled, and these were some of the responses I received: “You say you [...]

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Car sickness in children

Car sickness in children is a common form of motion sickness. I am often asked about it’s prevention by parents. It usually occurs between the ages of 2 and 12 years, being rare in infants. Car sickness occurs in children who are passengers in vehicles. Car sickness in children What causes car sickness [...]

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Surgery can prevent sequelae in Bell’s palsy.

Bell’s palsy may lead to permanent disfiguring sequelae. A sequela is a condition which occurs because of a previous disease. Surgery can prevent sequelae in Bell’s palsy. The health care practitioner should strive towards the early identification of patients who have the risk of developing permanent sequelae and refer them urgently to trained specialists. [...]

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Cochlear implants can cause vertigo

Cochlear implants can cause vertigo. Cochlear implants can cause vertigo. Vertigo and imbalance occur in 25-74% of patients after cochlear implantation. According to Kubo et al (2001) about 50% of patients developed dizziness. It was further demonstrated by Hensel et al in 2018 that a linear increase in post cochlear implanted vertigo occurred with age. [...]

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Surgical navigation for vestibular schwannoma surgery

What is surgical navigation? Surgical navigation for vestibular schwannoma surgery is the principle of using a computerised based system during surgery to tract the location of instruments. If can be seen as a real time “GPS” system for surgeons, operating on vestibular schwannomas.. It enables the surgeon to acurately plot the location of an instrument [...]

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Ski sickness

What is ski sickness? Ski sickness, or Häusler’s disease, is a distressing potentially harmful disorder that occurs amongst skiers. It is more common than is appreciated. It occurs in up to 10% of skiers. Ski sickness is a form of motion sickness and was first described by my friend of many years, Prof Rudolf Häusler, [...]

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